ICL project

ICL approached Yan Paul dubbelman with a question you don't hear every day,
"can you visualize the germination process of grass-seeds?"
He answered with " Yes we can.""
Yan Paul Dubbelman is a highly skilled and kind freelance professional with over 10 years of experience in motion graphics and design.
The following text was written by Paul as well. You can find more (animation) work and turnarounds  on our Behance pages.

These models mean that we can high resolution pictures of the seeds while they are growing, and it means we can present them properly.

After the models were finished and looking great, we created the 2D textures.

One quality of almost all organic material is that light travels through it, like when you put a flashlight under your fingers and they turn blood-red.
It's important to use these real-world materials to get a plausible image.

These images are now used in promotional material for ICL's on and offline presentations. A next step would be to 3D print these digital models.

These projects challenge Doublemen 3D Design to think outside of the borders of design and we're grateful for the opportunity to be tested like this.

Yan Paul Dubbelman.

3d print eindresultaat