ORCA | Innovative Clean Food Waste Technology Animation



About the company ORCA, ORCA is an innovative food waste solution.


ORCA technology simply mimics a natural digestion process. It works using the same principles that our body, and other living organisms are governed by. ORCA creates the perfect thermophilic biological environment for the microorganisms to digest food waste into a liquid.

ORCA is a hyperlocal, distributed alternative to the traditional truck and bin collection system. We deliver significant savings because we eliminate trucking from the process while significantly reducing the harmful emissions that come with truck traffic.

The vision: To take every garbage truck off the road.
Graphic example provided by client:
Graphic example provided by client

Description of the assignment 

Looking for someone who can design a short animation that shows how our product eliminates the use of garbage trucks, by showing the movement of waste using our machine. This animation does not need to be more than 10 seconds.

The animation should illustrate the different buildings that wastewater travels from when it leaves our companies machine. The animation should show the wastewater flowing in the directions illustrated in the example below, and the colour of the water should change as shown in the example.

The designer will have to create the graphic portion of the project which will includes the building, pipes, and rivers shown in the example below.

The designer can use their creativity to design all the project features such as building, pipes, rivers, but hey should all look similar and have a similar layout to those shown in the example above.

I started with building all the assets in 3d ( cinema 4d ) according to the clients examples and description and after that started animating them separately and eventually combined them together and started syncing the animations. Adjusted the animations according to the clients needs until the final animation was approved.


ORCA | Innovative Clean Food Waste Technology Animation